Friday, March 9, 2012

Leaving it to the Last Second

Like all the most entertaining superheros and bomb disposal experts, the Citroen garage in France are running their repairs right to the wire!

Here's the situation:
  • I am currently in Carcassonne, in the South West of France.
  • My campervan is in Limoges, pretty much dead centre of France.
  • On Wednesday, I am catching a flight from Carcassonne to Japan for a month.
The campervan is being repaired and may be ready some time on Monday. If that happens, I need to get a train all the way back up there (roughly 7 hours), collect the bus and drive all the way back down to Carcassonne (roughly 6 hours) before my flight to Japan.

If this timescale fails, we're looking at a month of storage charges at the garage while my poor old bus gathers dust in a corner, and I end up in Japan with only two pairs of socks.

So it's a weekend of relaxing - I'm still staying with my parents and my grandmother and partner are coming to join us, which I'm very much looking forward to. Leave the stress 'til Monday!

See you then...

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