Monday, March 12, 2012

Corruption and le Cité

Well the weekend was as comfortable and as lovely as promised. The additional family members arrived and we caught up, ate home-made tiramisu and drank the local wine.

Le Cité

On Sunday we took a trip to the Medieval City of Cacassonne to soak up the exuberant sunshine and see some sights.
My Father, Mother, Grandmother and Mikey admiring buildings
There's little to tell - we climbed up some ramparts, took photos and ate baguettes filled with goat's cheese and honey, a combination I heartily recommend.

Camping Car News

Today we said goodbye to my grandmother and her partner as they made their way back home further East and waited in for news from the RAC. I'm afraid the news turned out to be not just frustrating but dull... the mechanics have "found another problem" and have to wait for the electrician to return on Thursday to tell them what it is and, hopefully, fix it.

So I won't be seeing the poor old campervan before I fly to Japan after all... he'll stay in his spot in mid France filled with my socks and T-shirts until some time in April. And I may have to buy some cheap clothes to wear while I'm away, if I am to have any hope of making friends with new people.


Today became moderately more exciting when my laptop was suddenly infested with Ransomware. If you're not familiar with this nasty piece of work, it's a screen that replaces your normal desktop on Windows and declares "You've been caught viewing child pornography! Send us 100 EUROs now!":

We eventually killed it using some free software called Malwarebytes and I've become an ultra computer geek carefully checking my updates and anti-viruses. So that's done.

My next post may well come to you from Tokyo on Thursday. Even though I'm landing on Friday. Time travel, woo-hoo-hoo!

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