Saturday, December 31, 2011

Feeling ready to go!

I had a quiet (well, perhaps not quiet in the traditional sense but lovely nonetheless) family Christmas at my Aunt's house this year. And my grandparents did an extraordinary job in finding me this book:

I've been flicking through it and, on top of recipes designed specifically for use in a VW campervan, it has all kinds of tips on how to prepare for travelling in the van, how to scavenge for food and how to have fun with eggs (apparently a cliff top is ideal for this purpose). So well done Nanny and Gampa!

I've also been looking into pet passports. I have an old cat at home. In fact he's lying across my chest purring right now, in a vain attempt to restrict my typing on the laptop. And it seems that I could quite easily bring him along on the European leg of the trip. But I've been trying to decide whether than would be fair... he's 16 years old now, an old boy who's really used to his home comforts. I can't help thinking that it's just too late to try and get him into the camping lifestyle. It'll break my heart to leave him at home for so long, knowing that I'm unlikely to ever see him again, but it surely has to be the best thing for him.

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