Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Creative pursuits

So, as you may have gathered from recent posts, work is getting less fun again. It's not that I want to stop doing it, rather just that it can't be my number one priority any more... When your life is focused around your job it had better be bloody brilliant. If it's anything less than creative, flexible, social and spiritually satisfying, then you need to treat it as the nine 'til five it is and seek life experiences outside of it.

So I'm shifting those priorities now and finding other ways to occupy myself, hopefully at the same time adding to the house build fund:

Singing for your supper

There are plenty of great busking spots near my gaff in Sydney, not least the Central railway station with its long underground tunnel. I have no idea how lucrative these pitches are but licences are cheap and it would be a great excuse to get back into performing music.

'She had blue hair (Colour)' by Ben K Adams on Flickr (via Sprixi). CC BY-ND licence.
Now I just need to choose an instrument and get practising...

Making your way

My local area hosts community cinema nights every so often, showing interesting films that you may not see anywhere else. They're currently running a crowdfunding campaign so of course I'll support the area where I live by making a contribution. The deal is that, if the campaign hits its target within 30 days, my donation will grant me a stall at the monthly Surry Hills market, a medium-sized market in a fashionable area that specialises in retro clothing and crafts.

'nolasalvage' by adiything on Flickr (via Sprixi). CC BY-SA licence.
What a great excuse to try some stuff out! How about customising some funky shoes? Or making beautiful incense holders? Hand made earrings? Anything that doesn't sell at the market could still go on eBay, or if it's a tremendous success perhaps we'll do it again. The ideation begins...

What would you do?

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