Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Locked Up

This was the night that three Welsh sorts and a Japanese guy voluntarily committed themselves to a small, dark cell beneath the streets of Shibuya, central Tokyo.

As we approached the entrance to this bar/restaurant, we found ourselves confronted with a downward staircase and a 'Warning' sign in Japanese. We passed skeletons, rattling bins of toxic waste and a rather unhappy man in an electric chair.

Ten minutes later, deafened by screams and blinded by strobe lighting, we pushed through a black curtain to find a kinky maitre d' wielding handcuffs. She asked which of us had been naughtiest and we made no hesitation in volunteering Richard, who was then chained up and led to a stone cell with barred windows and a cage door. We followed and the door was shut behind us.

In our cell were floor cushions, a low table and a service bell. I ordered a beaker with a syringe of blood, Rich ordered an experiment in dry ice with severed fingers, Yuta had the skull with fried egg eyes and bacon tongue and we shared a rack of variously coloured test tubes whilst taking in the ambient lighting and death metal soundtrack.

Suddenly that ambient lighting was gone. There was a loud crashing sound and a siren, and then we were subjected to UV and strobe lights while maniacal laughter filled the air accompanied by top volume music... characters in costumes and masks began to roam the hallways and attempted to break into our cell.

Well, frankly what more could you ask for? The food was cheap, the drinks expensive (and it was compulsary to order at least one per person). Some alcohol would have been nice (careful tasting of the various test tubes and blood syringes could only confirm the presence of sugar and water - we couldn't be sure that any fermentation of these ingredients had taken place). Rather than order more, we finished up and left. Which was surprisingly easy to do.

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