Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting Organised

Since I have no choice but to spend five days a week in London at the moment, weekends are precious.

I have a ridiculous amount of organising to do, but fun bits first: selling, donating and storing possessions. Like most people I know, I have much more 'stuff' than I need, and this is an opportunity to streamline. So the majority of it is going, one way or another. Thankfully my friends are only too happy to oblige: Photo album of things I'm getting rid of

I have a strict set of criteria for deciding what gets boxed up and placed in the coal cellar:
- Was it a gift from someone I like?
- When will I use it next?
- How strong are the memories associated with it?
- How much would it cost to replace vs how much could I sell it for?

So that's about 10% then... the rest is out of here.

Let me know if you've got your eye on something!

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